unwire your world

dark horse wireless gives you the freedom to have high speed internet access wherever life takes you. So if the traditional cable or dsl lines just dont cut it, free yourself and prepare to unwire your world.


how does it work

The Dark Horse Wireless system will provide broadband internet service with incredible speeds, rock-solid reliability, and unparalleled security. To do this we have employed a variety of technologies to ensure that our system performs beyond your expectations.



Our service will provide speeds over 20 times the speed of dial-up service. This is accomplished by using powerful radios to get the signal out to you. As we continue to improve our system, the speeds will only get faster. Fasten your seat belts!



Need to bank online? Want to make credit card purchases? Go ahead, your information is safe with us. We employ the strictest security systems to ensure your private information makes it from point A to point B, untouched. By using the proprietary modems provided with our service, we can ensure they are of the highest quality and contain the most powerful encryption standards. Each modem is encoded with a unique serial number which is used to encrypt your data. No other modem is capable of decoding your data. End result: Security beyond compare!



Our system's simplicity is its strongest asset. There is no messy installation in your home, no running cables through the wall, and best of all: plug-and-play ease. When you receive your modem, all you need do is to simply plug it in to your computer and an outlet and you are ready to surf. You may install our modem in one of two ways:

  1. You can connect it directly to your computer. This is ideal for households with only one computer.
  2. Have more than one computer? Use a home networking kit to connect all your computers to Dark Horse Wireless. See our Home Networking Diagram below.