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  1. Sri Lanka blasts: At least 138 dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions  CNN
  2. Sri Lanka explosions: 137 killed as churches and hotels targeted  BBC News
  3. Blasts rock 3 churches, 3 hotels in Sri Lanka; multiple fatalities reported  Fox News
  4. Several explosions rock churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka  CBS News
  5. Sri Lanka Bombings at Churches and Hotels Said to Kill Almost 200  The New York Times
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  1. Dems plan conference call Monday to debate Mueller report's implications  Fox News
  2. Trump expresses anger after release of Mueller report  CBS News
  3. How a legal dispute between Mueller and Barr drove the end of the special counsel’s probe  The Washington Post
  4. The Ego Maniac in the Oval Is ‘Exonerated’  The New York Times
  5. The Mueller report is not an impeachment referral  The Washington Post
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  1. Armed volunteer militia group detains immigrants at the U.S. border  AOL
  2. Militia leader arrested after holding migrants at gunpoint  ABC News
  3. A member of an armed group detaining migrants at the border has been arrested by the FBI  CNN
  4. F.B.I. Arrests Leader of Right-Wing Militia That Detained Migrants in New Mexico  The New York Times
  5. FBI Arrests New Mexico Border Militia Leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins  The Daily Beast
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  1. Notre Dame fire pledges inflame yellow vest protesters  Al Jazeera English
  2. France's Yellow Vest protesters return to the streets enraged by billions pledged to rebuild Notre Dame  Fox News
  3. Paris in FLAMES again as protesters cause chaos across France days after Notre Dame fire
  4. Opinion: Amid Devastation, Paris Firefighters' Bravery Is An Inspiration  NPR
  5. 'Even more beautiful': should Notre Dame get a modern spire?  The Guardian
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  1. Ukraine election: Voters to choose between comic and tycoon  BBC News
  2. Ukranian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky set to become president  New York Post
  3. Fed up with status quo, Ukrainians tipped to elect comedian as president  Reuters
  4. How Ukraine’s comedian-candidate could disappoint the Kremlin  Washington Post
  5. Ukraine Election: Comedian Dismissed by President Is Favored to Get Last Laugh  The New York Times
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  1. On eve of 20th anniversary of Colorado's worst school shooting, Greeley resident Bob Miller remembers experiences sitting on Columbine Commission  Greeley Tribune
  2. Columbine Survivors Reflect, and Reckon With Specter of Future Shootings  The New York Times
  3. Doves, heartbreak and hope on 20th anniversary of Columbine High massacre  Yahoo News
  4. Columbine survivor on moments of shooting: 'I completely disassociated'  Fox News
  5. "I'll never understand what happened at Columbine": The 1999 school shooting that changed us  Salon
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  1. New video surfaces of police-involved shooting in New Haven  The Advocate
  2. Protests erupt after police shoot woman near Yale University  NBC News
  3. Protests in Connecticut after police open fire on unarmed couple  ABC News
  4. Details on New Haven officer-involved shooting expected to be released next week
  5. Police-involved shooting in New Haven: What we know  New Haven Register
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  1. Hair on fire, media declare William Barr's press conference a disgrace  Washington Examiner
  2. Mueller report unable to conclude 'no criminal conduct occurred' on obstruction  CNN
  3. Attorney General William Barr's pathetic performance  Chicago Tribune
  4. Mueller Report Live Blog: A Quid and a Quo and Obstruction, but No Pro?  Slate
  5. Barr has proved Trump now controls the Mueller narrative - no matter how hard Democrats try  The Independent
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  1. Washington state lawmaker riles nurses by saying that some spend 'considerable' time playing cards  Fox News
  2. Washington state senator slammed for saying nurses 'play cards' for 'considerable amount of the day'  CNN
  3. Sen. Maureen Walsh says nurses spend 'considerable' time playing cards  New York Post
  4. Washington state lawmaker's comments raise ire of nurses  ABC News
  5. State Senator slammed for saying nurses "play cards for a considerable amount of the day"  CBS News
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  1. Mike Huckabee slams Mitt Romney over Trump criticism: 'Makes me sick' you could have been president  AOL
  2. Trump lashes out at Romney - POLITICO  POLITICO
  3. Post-Mueller report, journalists rethink handling of Romney's 2012 Russia prediction  Fox News
  4. Trump hits Romney for Mueller criticism | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Huckabee lashes out at Trump critic Romney: ‘Makes me sick’ you could have been POTUS  Fox News
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