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  1. Anderson Cooper cuts to commercial after E. Jean Carroll calls rape 'sexy'  Washington Examiner
  2. Trump Calls Accuser a Liar: ‘She’s Not My Type’  The New York Times
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Trump vehemently denies E. Jean Carroll allegation, says 'she's not my type' | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Our Top Editor Revisits How We Handled E. Jean Carroll’s Allegations Against Trump  The New York Times
  5. Have we become numb to Trump’s loathsomeness?  The Washington Post
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  1. Government Transfers Detained Migrant Children Out Of Unsanitary Conditions  NPR
  2. Almost 300 migrant children removed from Texas facility described as 'appalling'  NBC News
  3. What You Need to Know About the Crisis at the Border  Slate Magazine
  4. We went to a border detention center for children. What we saw was awful  CNN
  5. Column: Call them concentration camps, or don’t. But migrant children are sick and dying. And it’s our fault.  Chicago Tribune
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  1. Trump appears to name the wrong Iranian leader when announcing sanctions on Iran  USA TODAY
  2. Trump signs executive order delivering 'hard-hitting' sanctions against Iran  Fox News
  3. Special Report: New U.S. sanctions target Iran's supreme leader  CBS News
  4. Trump Sanctions Iran’s Supreme Leader, but to What End?  The New Yorker
  5. Iran is already in a 'very dangerous' economic position as US prepares major new sanctions  CNBC
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  1. How Bernie Sanders would cancel all student loan debt  POLITICO
  2. Bernie Sanders wants to cancel $1.6 trillion in student debt. This is his plan.  Washington Post
  3. Bernie Sanders’ Old Free College Try  The Wall Street Journal
  4. Bernie Sanders joins Elizabeth Warren in pandering to young voters with student loan plan  USA TODAY
  5. Sanders goes all the way on student debt forgiveness  The Washington Post
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  1. Trump believes he doesn't need congressional approval to strike Iran  CNN
  2. Pelosi tells New York crowd 'violation of status' not a reason to deport illegal immigrants  Fox News
  3. Congress flails after Trump’s deportation ultimatum  POLITICO
  4. There’s No Excuse for Mistreating Children at the Border. Here’s What To Do About It.  The New York Times
  5. Trump Suffers a Triple Fail on Iran, Mexico and Immigration  Bloomberg
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  1. Republican Oregon State Senators Refuse To Come To Tax Over Environment Bill  NPR
  2. Oregon’s Legislative Chaos Has Senators Fleeing to Idaho and a Militia Threatening the Capitol  Slate Magazine
  3. Oregon State Police called to bring Republican senators back for climate vote  ABC News
  4. Rally planned outside Oregon statehouse to get GOP lawmakers back for votes | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Where Are Oregon’s Senate Republicans? Check Idaho  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Police: Florida woman fatally shot daughter and stepfather  WCTV
  2. Florida woman jailed for handing husband's guns to cops  BBC News
  3. Florida Woman 'In Fear Of Her Life' Arrested For Giving Estranged Husband's Guns To Police | TIME  TIME
  4. Prosecuting Florida woman who turned in estranged husband’s guns sets ‘scary precedent,’ lawmaker says  Fox News
  5. Florida woman arrested for turning in estranged husbands guns to police  The Columbus Dispatch
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  1. Pickup truck driver arrested following New Hampshire highway collision that left 7 motorcyclists dead  Fox News
  2. Driver with record charged with 7 homicides in biker crash  Yahoo News
  3. Pickup driver accused of killing 7 in car crash described as 'momma's boy'  New York Post
  4. The Latest: Police identify victims of New Hampshire biking accident
  5. The Latest: Driver denies previous drunken driving charge  Yahoo News
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  1. Pete Buttigieg is a bad mayor, so how could he be a good president?  Washington Examiner
  2. ‘If you don’t get this right, nothing else may matter’  Politico
  3. Buttigieg Confronted Over Police Shooting, Part 2 | The View  The View
  4. How Badly Did Pete Buttigieg Mishandle a Police Shooting?  New York Magazine
  5. Pete Buttigieg town hall: Angry residents blast South Bend mayor at town hall. Here's why.  CBS News
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  1. Indianapolis Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher to Save its 'Identity'  Daily Beast
  2. Indianapolis Catholic School Fires Teacher in Same-Sex Marriage, at Archbishop’s Request  The New York Times
  3. Catholic school fires gay teacher so it can stay in the Indianapolis Archdiocese  Washington Post
  4. To save its 'Catholic identity,' Indianapolis' Cathedral High School is firing a gay teacher  USA TODAY
  5. Indianapolis Catholic school fires openly gay teacher  NBC News
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