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  1. Amazon fires turn political as Brazil's president calls out France's Macron  Fox News
  2. Amazon rainforest burning at record rate, engulfing Bolsonaro in controversy  CBS News
  3. Amazon fires: Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio among celebrities to speak out  CNN
  4. Amazon rainforest fire: How bad is it really? 2,500 fires in 48 hours
  5. The Amazon rainforest is burning. Be afraid.  New York Daily News
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  1. Trump thinks optimistic messaging can damp down recession: report  Business Insider
  2. Next U.S. Tariffs to Pull China Expansion Below 6%, Survey Shows  Bloomberg
  3. China is feeling the pain of U.S. tariffs. Now it's time for negotiators to secure a deal.  USA TODAY
  4. If and when the recession begins, it won’t be Trump’s fault  Washington Post
  5. The economy’s fine, so why shouldn’t Team Trump try to keep it that way?  New York Post
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  1. European stocks sink after China retaliates with higher tariffs on some U.S. goods
  2. China Unveils Retaliatory Tariffs on Another $75 Billion of U.S. Goods  Bloomberg
  3. China hits U.S. with tariffs on $75 billion worth of goods, reinstates auto levies, state media report  The Washington Post
  4. U.S. official says China far short of soybean purchase pledge after small sale  Yahoo Finance
  5. China unveils retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods in deepening trade row  Reuters
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Men in California oversaw a romance scam that targeted women worldwide, feds say  CNN

US prosecutors charged 80 people -- mostly Nigerians -- in the widespread conspiracy that defrauded $6 million from businesses and vulnerable elderly women ...

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  1. Keep calm and trust in free-market democracy: Hong Kong shows how America can defeat China  Washington Examiner
  2. 210 YouTube Accounts Shut Down Over Disinformation in Hong Kong Protests  NPR
  3. Hong Kong protests: 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask
  4. YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong  CNN
  5. Cathay's New CEO Won't Solve Its China Problems  Bloomberg
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  1. Trump heading to G7 summit in France today after hurling insults at allied world leaders  CBS News
  2. Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be a Fun “Second-Term Project”  Vanity Fair
  3. France tries to orchestrate a no-drama G-7 summit, but Trump is the X factor  The Washington Post
  4. Why politicians don't want you to think about the national debt this year  CNN
  5. The Hill's Morning Report: How will Trump be received at G-7? | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Billionaire industrialist and libertarian political activist David Koch dies at 79  CNBC
  2. Billionaire David Koch, Who Spent Heavily to Back Conservative Causes, Dies  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Billionaire David Koch dead at 79  New York Post
  4. David Koch: Billionaire Republican donor dies aged 79  BBC News
  5. David Koch, billionaire conservative activist and philanthropist, dies at 79
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  1. Feds subpoena up to 20 officers at NYC prison where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself  Washington Examiner
  2. Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Creates Legal Morass for His Accusers  The Wall Street Journal
  3. At least 8 jail workers knew Jeffrey Epstein shouldn't have been left alone in cell  New York Post
  4. AG William Barr must do more to fix dismal prison conditions  Washington Examiner
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  1. Tragedy in a Kips Bay Elevator  The New York Times
  2. Man killed after elevator malfunctions, fatally crushing him  ABC News
  3. New York man crushed by elevator after falling through gap  WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro
  4. Graphic video shows moment man crushed by elevator at Manhattan Promenade building  New York Post
  5. Graphic clip shows moment man crushed to death by falling lift after malfunction  Daily Star
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  1. Walmart to Overhaul and Reopen El Paso Store Where 22 People Were Killed  The New York Times
  2. Walmart to revamp, reopen El Paso store after mass shooting  AOL
  3. Walmart will reopen El Paso store, include memorial for victims of mass shooting | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Walmart will reopen El Paso store where gunman killed 22 people
  5. Walmart to reopen, renovate El Paso store with memorial to shooting victims  USA TODAY
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