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  1. Reporter shouts at Sarah Sanders after briefing: 'Do your job, Sarah!'  Fox News
  2. Sarah Sanders asked why Michael Flynn isn't a 'rat'  CNN
  3. WATCH LIVE: White House press briefing with Sarah Sanders on Dec. 18, 2018  Washington Examiner
  4. Michael Flynn Is Owed an Apology  Bloomberg
  5. Deroy Murdock: Michael Flynn is innocent – his guilty plea should be thrown out  Fox News
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  1. Fox News says it won't let Tucker Carlson be 'censored' | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Here Are The Advertisers Boycotting Tucker Carlson's Show  HuffPost
  3. Advertisers abandon Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show over anti-immigration comments  CNN
  4. Advertisers Ditch Fox News' Tucker Carlson for Saying Immigration Makes US 'Dirtier'  The Daily Beast
  5. Tucker Carlson advertisers depart over "poorer and dirtier" immigration comments  CBS News
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  1. House GOP releases transcript of explosive closed-door Comey questioning  Fox News
  2. James Comey defends FBI's interview of Michael Flynn, transcript shows  CNN
  3. Comey defends FBI actions on Flynn in House interview | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Former FBI director James Comey back on Capitol Hill for questioning  Daily Mail
  5. Comey asked about Obama's awareness of Hillary Clinton's missing emails, House GOP transcript shows  Fox News
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  1. Federal judicial panel dismisses ethics complaints against Kavanaugh  Washington Examiner
  2. Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh  NPR
  3. Dozens of 'serious' conduct complaints against Justice Brett Kavanaugh are dismissed because he was confirmed to the Supreme Court  CNBC
  4. Judicial panel dismisses misconduct complaints against Brett Kavanaugh  Fox News
  5. Complaints against Brett Kavanaugh dismissed by federal judicial council  CNN
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California doctor allegedly linked to five people who died of opioid overdose arrested  NBC News

A Southern California doctor accused of links to five overdose deaths and writing prescriptions for narcotics he knew would be sold on the street was arrested ...

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  1. Yemeni Mother Gets Travel Ban Waiver to Visit Dying Son in California  The New York Times
  2. Yemeni mother wins visa fight to see her dying child in a California hospital  CNN
  3. Yemeni mum granted visa to visit dying son in California  BBC News
  4. Yemeni mother granted waiver from Trump's travel ban to see dying 2-year-old son  NBC News
  5. 'Time is running out': US 'bans' Yemeni mother visiting dying son  Al Jazeera English
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Missouri officers save baby after father said he drowned her

Two Missouri officers saved the life of a 6-month-old girl whose father walked into their police station and said he had just drowned his daughter, authorities say.

  1. Russia's memes had no quantifiable effect on our elections, but we have to keep hearing about it anyway  Washington Examiner
  2. Trump slams tech giants for 'bias' following reports Russians weaponized them to his benefit  POLITICO
  3. Russia ran a disinformation campaign against Mueller. It sounds just like Trump’s.  The Washington Post
  4. 'Wake-up call': Lawmakers react to reports detailing Russia's influence campaign  NBC News
  5. Russian interference in the election was worse than we thought  Los Angeles Times
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  1. A 2nd Brexit Referendum Once Seemed Unthinkable. Now Support Is Growing  NPR
  2. Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn tables Theresa May no-confidence motion  BBC News
  3. British government to activate full 'no-deal' Brexit preparations  Reuters
  4. This was the year of Brexit v Westminster – and there was only one winner | Rafael Behr  The Guardian
  5. Labour’s Brexit Pains  Wall Street Journal
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  1. Afghan government and Taliban may meet for peace talks in UAE  Vox
  2. U.S. Envoy, Taliban Discuss Peace, While Afghan Government Is Sidelined  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Taliban Says It Is Meeting With U.S. Officials, Amid Escalating Peace Efforts  NPR
  4. U.S.-Taliban talks stretch into second day as government delegation arrives  The Washington Post
  5. Afghanistan ceasefire push in focus in U.S., Taliban talks  Reuters UK
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